To the business owner on the verge of burnout who knows there’s a better way and is ready to experience a life of more ease, more freedom and more profit.

Learn how to Simplify 

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Why this Program?

Do you want to earn more without working 80 hour weeks?

Would you like to take time off without worrying about how it will impact your business?

Are you craving more freedom and flexibility?


If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then I’d like to invite you to Simplify with Operation: Automation.

When you Simplify, you’ll have the tools and systems to –

  • Ensure that your business generates consistent, predictable revenue so you no longer have to worry about where your next client will come from.
  • Free up your time so that you’re not working 24/7 in order to make ends meet… and you can have the flexibility to work from anywhere you choose if that’s what you want.
  • Discover how to hire the key people you need to keep your business running smoothly so you can focus on your area of expertise.
  • Market yourself in a way that feels perfect for you, whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert
  • Design a business that generates more revenue for you without taking up more of your time or energy, and much more…

About Monique

I’m sure you’ve tried a few things before  – maybe  a few courses, worked with some coaches, attended a webinar or workshop… and yet nothing has worked to create the freedom that you so desperately crave…   This is different.

– Monique Mayers, Program Creator + Business Strategist


Monique Mayers has been a business owner for nearly a decade and has invested thousands of dollars in tools, coaching and programs to help her businesses grow. As someone who values free time to travel and immerse herself in nature, she needed a way to launch her big ideas without them consuming her time. After observing the things that made her ventures a success, she discovered that there were 4 areas of her businesses that led her to have consistent, predictable income and by focusing on these she could grow her revenue without spending a lot more time.

Today, she teaches her clients these exact strategies in her private mentorship programs. This digital resource is designed for the self-paced business owner who needs a reference guide rather than ongoing support.

What you’ll learn

For service providers who are ready to grow online, here’s a short list of just some of the things you’ll learn to do:

  • Run a profitable website
  • Sell your services/products online and offline
  • Create consistent flow of clients 
  • Be location independent
  • Create online courses and eBooks.
  • Launch products.
  • Hire a support team- including contractors, web designers, VAs, etc  
  • Market yourself with podcasts, webinars, advertising

This an investment that will pay for itself many times over. Not just in revenue generated but time and frustration saved.

Program Details

This is an information repository that gives you the tools to implement the important stuff in your business, at your own pace. It is a lifestyle and mindset shift that positions you for higher profits and more free time.  

Included in this program
  • 5 training audios/ videos that break down the entire process so you’ll know how to implement these principles in every area of your business.
  • 4 Tech talks that break down how you can use software to automate the busywork in four critical aspects of your operations
  • Implementation sprints – short, actionable exercises designed to help you to simplify with ease
  • Access to a growing library of “Over my shoulder” tutorials that you can use whenever you need answers about a specific program or process.
Plus,  take advantage of the Following Bonus:
  • Lifetime Access for your Team (value: $2000) — let Monique help train your team to implement the business growth systems that you need with this bonus access pass.

Is this the right program for you?

While these systems apply to a wide range of businesses, Monique focuses on the unique needs of online service providers.  

This is an ideal investment for someone who finds themselves with more to do than hours in the day or a new business owner who’s not quite sure how to go from idea to profit.

Success Stories

This morning I woke up to a notification that a client purchased my $697 proposal review. Without talking to me. Straight from my website. How cool is that? I don’t know that I’ve ever had anyone purchase something directly from my site at that price point

Lisa R.

When I came to Monique, I was craving a lean, simple business model. She helped me to find the exact systems that have been so simple and cost-effective and I've been able to focus only on the few projects that I care about.

Monique is all about practical, real-life solutions that are tailored to you. She's creative, smart and uber-reliable. Working with her is a no-brainer. Go for it. You won't regret it.

Karen M.

We literally had searched for and worked with many people for years, with absolutely zero success. FRUSTRATION does not come close to describing what we were going through.

Then we were introduced to Monique and after 9 years it was an absolute breath of fresh air...

Warren H

Ready to register and get access?

Choose the payment option below to get access to this powerful resource for service providers.

Pay in Full

For one payment of $2000, you get instant access to the first module.
Your bonus access for your team and our growing tech library.

Save $250 when you pay in full and be eligible for Lifetime Access right away.

Get a Payment Plan

For Three monthly Payments of $750, you get instant access to the first module.
Your bonus access for your team and our growing tech library.
When your final payment is processed, you will have Lifetime Access to all content.

Some answers to common questions…

What happens when I sign up?

You’ll get access to the first training right away and additional content will be released every single week for the next 8 weeks.

How is the content delivered?

When you register you get access to a private members area where you can see the content. The first training will be available right away and new trainings are released every week over 8 weeks. We’ll release a video that breaks down the concept and includes an implementation checklist (NOT A WORKSHEET) to help you apply the concepts to your business right away. The following week, you’ll see a tech talk that walks through some of the software you can use in your business, how it works and how to decide if it’s a good fit for you. After that we’ll move on to the next topic and the process continues. After 8 weeks, you’ll continue to have access to the content and can refer to it as often as you need. In addition to the core training, there’s also a tech library with instructional videos that go into more detail on specific tools. We will add to this library from time to time in response to the questions from everyone enrolled.

Can I reach Monique on the phone at any time?

Your registration grants you access to our digital resource and you will be able to submit resource requests to address specific questions you may have, however it does NOT grant you any one on one access with Monique or her team. If you are interested in Monique’s Strategic Consulting services, submit an application here.

Will I need to buy a whole bunch of stuff to implement this information?

It’s hard to say. We have no idea what you’ve got in place and what your business systems are lacking, however it’s possible you might need a couple of tools. We recommend cheap/ free options as well as some premium ones so you can make an informed decision about what you need.

What is the refund policy?

Because the content becomes available to you upon purchase, we do not offer refunds, however we are committed to ensuring that you’re satisfied with your purchase. Please reach out to use if you have any concerns about your purchase.

Are there any guarantees?

We’d be lying if we promised you that  just buying this program will change your life forever. Why? Because you have to do the work. We walk you through the process and you have to implement. Your results are completely dependent on you, your business and your efforts. We have seen that when people implement what we teach, their business flourishes, however no two results are alike and the results of our students may not reflect your experience.

Who is behind this program?

This program was created by Monique Mayers, a serial entrepreneur and chronic do-it-yourselfer who needed a process for building and launching successful ideas over and over again. After years of coaching, training and courses, Monique discovered that the key to growing sustainable businesses was to have proper operating processes. Realizing that this isn’t something that is taught, Monique designed this program as a resource for herself, her clients and for you.

This is the resource Monique wished she had as she built her team and her companies. It’s packed with tools, strategies and resources that is a must-have reference for all business owners who want to build profitable, streamlined businesses that allow them to have time freedom.