To the business owner on the verge of burnout who knows there’s a better way and is ready to experience a life of more ease, more freedom and more profit.

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About Me

I’ve always overflowed with ideas. I keep them in notebooks and post it notes around my workspace. Inspiration is everywhere. Nothing lights me up more than bringing these ideas to life. My interests range from food to wellness to marketing and everything in between.

At the age of 12, I was selling greeting cards in my mother’s flower shop. As a young teen, I sold candy and flowers at school. I didn’t know it back then but creating businesses would become my passion.

At 22, I set out to change the skincare world with a line I created in my kitchen. While it got rave reviews and ended up being in the treatment rooms of some of Barbados’ top spas. I found myself feeling unfulfilled. There, in my kitchen at 2am, it hit me that making products by hand wasn’t my destiny.

Since that epiphany, I’ve been on a journey to bring more ideas to the world, launching ventures in app marketing, a dessert restaurant, tea and consulting. Each project has brought me great joy, lots of lessons and allowed me the privilege of creating an interesting and satisfying life.

These days, I work with small groups of other business owners to bring their own dreams to life. Having launched so many times, it’s one of my favourite things to do.

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I only work with businesses I LOVE because that's when I show up as my best, most creative self

I’m a big picture thinker. My specialty is creating action plans and operating processes. My clients call me when they need to see beyond their roadblocks, when they need expertise to guide them towards the next step.

As a mentor, I work with business owners who have a vision but can’t quite figure out the path. I help them design the business that’s right for them – Simple. Profitable. Impactful.